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Officers, Executive Committee & Board of Directors

January 1, 2017 –December 31, 2017

Officers – The slate of officers is recommended by the Nominating Committee to the full membership meeting in November and voted on. Officers serve a renewable one-year calendar term. Officers are part of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee comprises at least eight members, including all officers, the immediate past president and additional members that are appointed by the discretion of the President. It is implied that Executive Committee members will be members of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors comprises 45 members, delineated by three classes of 15 members each, serving staggered three-year terms, which are renewable for a second term. For the 2016 membership/fiscal year, there is a Class of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

2017 Officers/Executive Committee

Nolan Kapp                            President                               Allston Advisory Group, LLC

Steve Knight                          VP/Marketing                       Actors Theatre

Jeff Crowe                             VP/Membership                   Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Brandon Jaggers                   VP/Development                 Republic Bank

Catie Nelson                          Secretary                               Waterfront Development Corp.

Patrick Yates                         Treasurer                              Raymond James

Rachel Dickey                       General Counsel                  Weber Rose

Steve Eggers                         Immediate Past Pres.           K. Norman Berry Architect Associates

Laurie Anne Roberts           Past Pres. Council                University of Louisville

T.J. Oakley                             Progressive Dinner Co-Chair  Bristol Bar & Grille Downtown

Jodi Lewis                              Progressive Dinner Co-Chair   Frazier History Museum

Claire Simms                         At-Large EC Member           Fund for the Arts

Ellie Yerkes                            At-Large EC Member           Park Community Federal Credit Union


Past Presidents Council

Joanie Allgeier                      Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jack Guthrie

Steve Eggers                         K. Norman Berry Architect Associates

Deb Delor

Norm Berry

Laurie Anne Roberts           University of Louisville

Phil Scherer                          Commercial Kentucky

Ex Officio Members

Rebecca Matheny                Louisville Downtown Partnership

Mike Ice/Susan French       Lincoln Elementary School

Catie Nelson/David Karem   Waterfront Development Corporation

Term Ending 2017

VACANCY                               VACANCY               VACANCY

VACANCY                               VACANCY               VACANCY

Nolan Kapp                            Final Term             Allston Advisory Group, LLC

Steve Knight                          First Term              Actor’s Theatre

Logan Leet                            First Term               Old 502 Winery

VACANCY                               VACANCY             VACANCY

Chris Niblock                         Final Term             Old National Bank

David Nichols                        First Term              Mint Julep Tours

T.J. Oakley                             First Term              Bristol on Main

Gerry Stovall                         Final Term              Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman

VACANCY                               VACANCY               VACANCY

Claire Simms                         First Term              Fund for the Arts

Casey Steitz                           First Term              Central Bank

Tatum Daugherty                 First Term              Muhammad Ali Center

VACANCY                               VACANCY               VACANCY

Term Ending 2018

Jema Baker                            First Term              21C Museum Hotel

George Timmering               First Term              Bearno’s By The Bridge

Jeff Crowe                             Final Term             Heaven Hill/Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Jennifer Cunningham          Final Term             Kentucky Lottery

Steve Eggers                         Final Term             K. Norman Berry Associates

Mariah Gratz                         Final Term             Weyland Ventures

Jodi Lewis                              Final Term             Frazier History Museum

First Term              Humana Inc.

Susan Pass                             First Term              Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Lisa Resnik                             First Term              Kentucky Science Center

Don Shaw                              Final Term             Sons of the American Revolution

Kim Smith                              First Term              Barry Wooley Designs

Amy Weber                          Final Term             Patrick O’Shea’s

Neil Zinser                             First Term              Strothman + Company

Deja Lawson                          First Term              Angel’s Envy Distillery


Term Ending 2019

Jamie Smith                           First Term              Insider Louisville

Jay Werst                               First Term              Plumber’s Supply

Bill Cheatham                        First Term              Stock Yards Bank

Shawn Hadley                       Final Term             Brown-Forman

John Conrad                          First Term              BB&T

Brandon Jaggers                   Final Term             Republic Bank

Tanee Brewer                       First Term              Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

VACANCY                               Final Term             Louisville Slugger Field

Sandy Heydt                          First Term              Al J. Schneider Company

Haley Routt                           First Term              Peerless Distilling Company

VACANCY                               Final Term             Doe-Anderson

Heather Weston-Bell          Final Term             Kentucky Center for the Arts

Rachel Dickey                       First Term              Weber Rose

Patrick Yates                         Final Term             Raymond James

Ellie Yerkes                            Final Term             Park Community Federal Credit Union