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Image of Blackburn, Domene & Burchett PLLC

Blackburn, Domene & Burchett PLLC

614 West Main
Louisville, KY 40202 502-584-1600

Blackburn Domene & Burchett PLLC engages in a diverse litigation practice throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana. The firm represents companies and individuals in a broad spectrum of civil litigation, with a special emphasis on the defense of negligence and liability actions. In addition, the firm has an extensive commercial litigation practice, provides non-litigation counseling to businesses and educational institutions on certain matters, and maintains a domestic relations and estate planning practice.

When representing clients in civil litigation, the firm employs a proactive approach. We believe that clients are more likely to achieve a better result if we set the agenda and push a case to resolution, as opposed to simply reacting to the opposing counsel or party. Experience demonstrates that this approach typically shortens the lifespan of litigation resulting in a more cost-efficient representation. The firm is able to remain proactive by ensuring that its attorneys maintain reasonable case loads and that new representations are appropriately staffed. This philosophy also ensures timely communication with clients on all aspects of the litigation process.