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Image of Alexander + Hughes

Alexander + Hughes

414 Baxter Ave #215
Louisville, KY 40204 502-403-8819

Alexander+Hughes (a+h) is a marketing communications firm that specializes in the ART & SCIENCE of connecting customers with your business using a content marketing program we call STORYTELLING.

We opened our doors back in 1992 using the incorporated name, Impact Communications. The business quickly established its presence as a niche marketing communications firm serving the small and medium business sectors. Fueled by a zeal for life-long learning, the firm continued to evolve to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry. That evolution went into hyper speed with the introduction of the Internet. The information highway’s first gift to marketers was, of course, the World Wide Web. But developing websites was just the starting point for the digital revolution, and a+h continues to stay on the forefront of emerging new media. Like most marketing companies, a+h assists clients with brand-building, digital marketing, web development, public relations, and advertising services; but our passion lies in creative storytelling.